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Getting Ready! but S L O W L Y

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It's time to get ready. Yes it is but, s l o w l y.

This is the first post.

I believe there are a lot of people that would love, like I do, go back to a lifestyle where what couIINDM-Slow-down-do-less-lar400x400-300x300nts is not measured by how much you are producing for the market but how much you enjoy life and the people around you.

Is time to get ready to get our life back in our hands and enjoy the simplest things that happen to each of us everyday that, most of the time, get hidden by the daily race of modern life.

It is time to live S L O W L Y, Is time to enjoy the family, the nature, new friendships, getting more and more curious about traditions and arts that are fading away pushed by the "mollification" of the minds and souls.

It is time to enjoy, is time to be TheCyclinGourmet!

I will be riding my bike Tamata looking for the roots of the Italian lifestyle focusing on Tuscany and Umbria food, products, people, places and traditions.

I will try to make my living out of it so I will share on this website the products, people, places I've discovered or met during my rides and hope you will give me some credit for it.

Live slowly, go cycling - TheCyclinGourmet

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I'm a cyclist, an happy cyclist! I live in Italy: in Tuscany. I'm Italian! My favorite tracks stands between the cities of Florence and Siena in the heart of Chianti area. I equally ride a road bike and a MTB. I enjoy to go off-road with my MTB during the cold seasons but, I have to admit, I prefer riding the road bike. I love to feel my body under pressure when going up-hill and I enjoy the wind in my face during a fast down-hills. Oh boys! I enjoy the warm shower when I come back home at the end of 3 or 4 hours ride in the winter season!

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